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People are spending more time online, at work and at home, than ever before! With more people switching from the ‘Old Style’ Phone book & directories to the more convenient Laptop, Desktop or even a Mobile phone. This is the great and easiest opportunity to date


Let’s say a Plumber, a potential customer would search something along the lines of “Plumber in Salisbury” or “Plumber in Swindon”. If the Plumbing film appears near the top half of page 1 in a Google search, they will have a far greater opportunity to receive an enquiry. This enquiry could be their next customer!!

Think how many of your competitors are doing this, and receiving fresh enquiries, which in hand, turns into customers, which you could simply be you!

What worked in the 1980’s – early 2000 doesn’t work today!

Search Engine Optimisation has become one of the most cost effective & efficient marketing tools to date.

Ask yourself these questions?

When was the last time you picked up a phone book or directories to find a service you require? Generally you will look for a product or service online, from Amazon, ASOS, BBC news, right throw to Times publication online (That’s right even the publications have a their newspaper online.)

If we can provide any tips or help, it would be to analyse the optimum search phrases for your business and industry. What are the main phrases that your potential customers are searching? Which competitors of yours are ranking for them and gaining the new business?

If you are unsure how to analyse these keywords feel free to give us a call on 0777 243 0733


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